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Overview of Car Rental

It is easy to get around without a car in many major cities in Japan for sightseeing, such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. They are now accessible by train, subway, bus and taxi. Nonetheless, there are also other beautiful sightseeing locations worth visiting all over the country, but they are not accessible by car or necessary to visit by car. Without a car, it takes more time to get around with public transportations. Japan also restricted overseas tourists to drive a private car. Therefore, “Car Rental” provides an alternate way to explore Japan.

Car Rental branches are available at railway stations and airports in major cities. Overseas tourists can easily access these Car Rental systems. They just need to provide an international driver’s license (or driver’s license issued by their home country with the Japanese translated transcript) and a passport. Many public train, bus and taxi have English information available for tourists. However, some information might not have English translations, and tourists who do not understand Japanese will have difficulties getting around. With Car Rental service, getting around will be a lot easier because almost all the main roads in Japan, signs and directions are alternatively written in English. Navigation systems are available on most rental cars that can give you directions to your destinations.


Car Rental branches have various types of vehicles that can suit your needs such as light wagons, sedans, vans, SUVs and etc. Private trips for a small group of people such as young groups and families are suitable for this system. Transporting ski equipments, snowboards and golf bags to ski resorts and golf courses can now be very easy with ski carrier on a rental car. Group and family trip can also benefit from Car Rental system with better budget and comfort. You can rent a family wagon or a large passenger van; as the number of passenger grows, the per-person cost of the Car Rental would be lower. If you register for alternate drivers before you depart for your trip, other drivers can take turn to drive when you feel tired.

If you use the Car Rental system, you can access unique and authentic places around Japan without any tour buses and the tour guides. For instance, you are visit traditional spas with natural hot springs in the countryside or villages where they are far away from railway stations, so they can preserve the history and customs in their region. Even if there are train and bus services in the areas, the Car Rental enables you to take your trip without worrying about the train and bus service timetables. You may also modify your trip freely and accordingly.

Driving in Japan

You can also use Car Rental for your own individual travel plans. Many of these companies accept car being returned to a different location, so that you can end your trip at wherever you want. For example, if you travel from Tokyo to Hokkaido, using a Car Rental from airport to the destination makes your return trip more comfortable than using public transports without the time management. Furthermore, a Car Rental is not only a way of transportations, but it also fulfills your enjoyment of ‘Driving’. Many beautiful driving courses are available in Japan; where all landscapes are surrounded by the sea, and seventy percent of them consists of mountains.

Rather than traveling across big cities by Shinkansen or visiting villages by local trains or buses, Car Rental could provide an alternate way of finding Japanese culture that has not been discovered yet.