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Introduction of Rental Car Service in Japan


Before You Make a Reservation

Please you make sure that you have a valid driver’s license in Japan.

Car Rental requires a Japanese driving license or an international driver’s license.
The international driver’s license is valid for one year, and it is necessary to be issued in the driver’s own country. International driver’s license issued by Geneva Conventions is valid for Car Rental. License issued by Vienna Conventions and EU is not acceptable.
However, driver’s licenses issued in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Taiwan with Japanese translation are also acceptable for Car Rental.

Driver's License


Check your Nationality

How to Make a Reservation

You need to tell the following items when you make a reservation.

  • Your name
  • Date and time of pick-up
  • Pick-up location
  • Desired car model
  • Desired options (4WD cars, etc.)
  • Your phone number
  • Date and time of return
  • Returning location
  • Number of passengers
  • Number of children under 6 (child seats)

Available Options

Car Navigation

A number of Car Rentals have installed navigation system (car-navi) in their rental cars, and the number is on the rise. The system only allows you to use it when your vehicle is at a full stop.

Child Seats

By the Road Traffic Act, in the case of riding an infant under the age of 6, the use of infant auxiliary equipment (child seat) is mandated to the driver. You will need to order always also mounted when the car rental available.

Stud-less Tires

Stud-less tires are always provided during the snow season in location such as Hokkaido.

When You Arrived at The Car Rental Shop

What You Need at The Store

Driver's License

※If you have presented an international driver’s license or non-Japanese driver’s license.

Credit Card

※If you pay by credit card

Payment Method

The payment method available, Please Check with The Car Rental Shop

  • Payment by credit card : The estimated rental charges will be paid by credit card before departure.
  • Payment by : you pay you in cash, you are required to present a passport.

Insurance and Guarantee

Although general payment covers the main insurance (e.g. insurance for people, personal belongings and vehicles), it is the customer’s responsibilities to cover all the liability charges in the case of a car accident. However, Car Rental companies can also provide liability insurance options at extra cost, and payment has to be paid in full at departure.

In the case of car repairs such as due to car accidents, ‘non-operation charge’ is required to guarantee those periods. Non-operation charge is also required in the case of when you damage rental car, or cars that need to be cleaned.

Before Departing from the Rental Car Shop

Check the traffic laws and information in order to drive safely in Japan.

Driver's Seat Is on The Right

Driver’s Seat Is on The Right

Japanese roads are left-sided way just like the British system, and driver’s side is on the right hand side. This can be confusing for many overseas drivers at the beginning.

Wear A Seat Belt While Driving

Wear A Seat Belt While Driving

According to the Japanese law for motor transportation, seat belt use is required not only for the driver’s seat but also other front and back passenger seats.

Drunk Driving Is Prohibited

Drunk Driving Is Prohibited

If you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol and inability to drive; not only the driver will be penalized for the alcoholic behavior, but any passengers in the same vehicle who also have a driver license will also be penalized.

Speed Limit of The Highway

Speed Limit of The Highway

In general, highways have a speed limit from 80km/h (56MPH) to 100km/h (62.5MPH). Some of local highways restrict the speed limit of up to 70km/h (43.75MHP).

ETC System

ETC System

If the ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) system is available, payment will be deducted automatically when passing through ETC gate. It is necessary to have an ETC card to use the ETC system, issued with a payment by Japanese credit cards.

Llegal Parking

Illegal Parking

Many cities in Japan prohibited and penalized parking on the streets, overseas tourists must pay attention. There are many parking buildings and automatic parking payable by coins available in small districts.

How to Return Your Rental Car

When you return the rental car, please return the fuel in a full tank of state. In addition, you must have, such as a receipt at the time of refueling.
If you do not return with full tank is, depending on the mileage, will be charged a certain fuel costs.